About SIDUAQ  
E-mail: siduaq@space.bas.bg  

The ESA-funded project BG2-05 "Satellite Information Downscaled to Urban Air Quality in Bulgaria" (SIDUAQ) started on 15th June 2018. The overall objective of this project is to use the opportunities given by satellite observations for improvement of air quality management at national and local level in Bulgaria for the city of Plovdiv. The goal will be achieved by synergetic use of data from ESA satellites (METOP, Sentinel 5P, etc.), in situ air quality monitoring and air pollution dispersion modeling systems. The project results will support local authorities in air quality management, so to meet the air quality (AQ) standards on a medium and long term sustainable basis.

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, as coordinator, and the Space Research and Technology Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as sub-contractor, cooperate to achieve the ambitious tasks planned in the project.

Orbit track over Europe for MetOp A and B satellites respectively