Med-e-Tel 2009

Global Telemedicine and eHealth Updates: Knowledge Resources

Vol. 2, 2009

The second volume of the series “Global Telemedicine and eHealth Updates: Knowledge Resources”, is now in your hands.

With 128 papers from over 50 countries, the book presents a collective experience of eHealth experts from different continents all over the world.

The aim of this volume is to summarize most recent practical achievements and to provide a look at existing solutions and experiences. eHealth/Telemedicine is without doubt, an ICT application that will bring the benefits of health care and medical services to many countries. Many have already recognized it, and we are witnessing a rapidly increasing number of Telemedicine/eHealth projects and applications. It is a fantastic challenge but it also requires networking and planning, and readiness to learn from the others. We are convinced that the book will provide useful information to those who are preparing to introduce Telemedicine/eHealth in their organizations, regions or countries. Thus, they may rely on experiences of others, will be aware of the benefits and problems that were encountered during or after implementation of Telemedicine/eHealth systems or services, in order to avoid mistakes and to reduce potential problems.

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