Jekov, Jivko

Professor, D.Sc.

Date and place of birth: 03rd of December, 1951, Shumen, Bulgaria


1984, Military Academy "G. S. Rakovsky," Course in Pedagogy

1979, Artillery Engineering Institute named after N. N. Voronov, city of Penza, Russia, Higher Course in Optical, Electron-optical and Quantum Devices

1969 1974, National Military University, Faculty of Artillery, Air Defence, and CIS, Shumen, Artillery Armament

Foreign languages

Russian Excellent spoken, written, and verbal skills

German Admissible spoken, written, and verbal skills

Technical skills and competencies

Scientific Research

Copyright and patent law

Optical and laser devices and methods


Standardization, control and quality management

Engineering and Information Logistics

Ecology and environmental management

Design Methodology (System Analysis)