Panova, Palmira

Researcher, M.Sc.

Date and place of birth: Bulgaria


2001, “St. Climent Ohridsky” University, Sofia - M.Sc. in Physics


2002, Project: Analysis of the Modern Techniques for UAV – Targets

2002, Project: Unification System for ASOC Civil and Military Flight Plans

2002-2003, Expert in Administrative department at Space Research Institute - BAS

2003 – 2006, Ph.D. student in Space Research Institute, Dept. of Aerospace Control Systems

2004, Project: Air reconaissance of ground targets

2005, Specialising Course for GPS and INS Navigation Systems in Higher Air Force Military Academy “G.Benkovski”, Dolna Mitropolia

2007, Research Fellow, dept. of Aerospace Control Systems Department

2007, participation in a contract “Radiolocation technics modernization according standard NATO standards”

2008-2010, participation in Ministry of education and science project Operation Programme “Human resources development” financed by European Union

Foreign languages

English - spoken and written



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