Lukarsky, Hristo Dimitrov

Researcher, M.Sc.

Date and place of birth: 4th of October, 1956, Sofia, Bulgaria


1979, Technical University - Sofia, M.Sc. in electrical engineering, speciality Measurement

1988, Image processing training course - Numelec, Paris, France

1989, Language qualification - English, IKO, Sofia, Bulgaria

1986 - 1990, Space Research Institute, Moscow, Russia

1988, The Burakan Observatory, USSR

1989 - 1990, The Abastumany Observatory, USSR

1991, Karl Zeiss, Jena, Germany

1992, COMNET meeting (European Community), Thessaloniki, Greece


1981, Research Engineer, Non Standart Equipment at "Electronika" facility

1983, Scientific Research Engineer, Control System Equipment

1986, Scientific Research Engineer, Remote Sensing Department, Space Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

1987, Scientific Research Engineer, Space Astronomy Department at the Space Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Foreign languages

Russian - spoken and written

English - spoken and written



GSM: +359 ??? ??? ???

Major fields of scientific interest

The main scientific interests are related to the digital image processing, data compression and mainly with space applications/remote sensing of express image processing methods

The main experience is related to LANDSAT, SPOT, METEOR-FRAGMENT, RESOURCE KFA-1000, NOAA

The research goals include also:

The imaging spectrometric applications in remote sensing, especially adaptive methods for real time processing, estimation and compression of multispectral image data

The superresolution problems - interpolation / resampling methods in satellite images / Remote Sensing / and weighting methods

Academic activity

1986, Multispectral Digital Image Processing and Compression, Remote Sensing Dept. at Space Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

1986, Adaptive Spectrometric, Imaging Spectrometric and Spectro colourimetric Systems for Remote Sensing applications

1988, Take a part in the2nd Bulgarian Manned Space Flight Scientific Programme: Digital CCD Astrocamera with on board image processing. MIR Space Space Station

1989 - 1990, Took part in SPECTR RENTGEN GAMMA and RADIOASTRON international Russian space projects. Investigations in thefield of high accuracy autonomous CCD star trackers

1990 - 1993, Took part in AIST stratospheric baloon project at Russian Academy of Science

1994 - 1996, Project "CORINE-LANDCOVERS"

2002 - 2004, “Risk Assessment, Safety and Environment” 5th Framework, Project “OSNET”

2005 - 2006, Autoguide for 2m telescope: UNESCO ROSTE

2007 - 2010, Thermal management of Microsystems - TEMS

International activity

1991, Expertise for applications of KFA-1000 and SPOT images in Land Use Privatisation for Bulgarian Agriculture Ministry - EC/FAR Programe

1992, Took part in COMNET meeting "European education and training in advanced technology" (European Community), Thessaloniki, Greece


More than 10 years in field of Remote Sensing image processing (both onboard and onground applications) and intelligent CCD startrackers


3 in Bulgaria